Who does Aspivenin help?


Aspivenin is for everyone.


Wherever you are, whatever your activity, you are exposed to bites and stings from airborne, crawling and slithering assailants.

Whether you like a spot of gardening, enjoy barbeques and picnics, play sport or perhaps work outdoors, you are at heightened risk of bites and stings. Bees, wasps, spiders and snakes, mosquitoes and other biting creatures either see you as a meal or will defend themselves against you with a variety of venomous weapons.

And it’s not only when you’re outdoors that you are at risk. Commonly mosquito and spider bites occur in the home whilst you are sleeping. Bites and stings can be simply irritating and the ruination of an outdoor activity or the interruption to a working day. But they can also be quite debilitating, or health threatening, with the very young and the elderly most at risk.


ASPIVENIN is the solution, usually bringing total and immediate relief or as a first interim action before medical attention is available.

Light and compact, ASPIVENIN can be taken anywhere and it’s reusability make it ideal for outdoor adventurers.

Put ASPIVENIN in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet for the protection of yourself and your family, work or team mates