“We have carried an Aspivenin for some years now and find it very good indeed. We have found it effective even some time after a bite or sting.”

R. Gordon, UK

"As a bee keeper it just makes good sense to have one. What a cool gadget and it really works."

Mrs. A Kirshaw, Dunedin

“I’m a landscape gardener and very prone to getting bitten and stung. This Aspivenin does all that is claimed and allows me to continue working with minimal interruption.”

Mr. D Laird, Nerang

"When I first saw the kit I thought it was a bit gimmicky but after I used it I was impressed. Now I wouldn't travel without one."

Mr. A Walkins, Whangarei

“We came across the product whilst travelling through Italy. We were so thankful we did and purchased our own kit as soon as we were able.”

B. Southey, Wellington