ASPIVENIN is a double acting twin chamber mini pump which creates a vacuum rather than pressure. It is light and easy to use.

The level of suction can be up to 800mb, approximately 10 times that of using the mouth, and when applied directly over bites or stings the vacuum gently extracts the venom relieving the patient of the irritation.

ASPIVENIN should be used as soon as possible after a bite or sting occurs but can still be effective hours or even days later.

ASPIVENIN is easy to use with one hand and it is safe for use on children and the elderly.


Here’s how …

ASPIVENIN comes in a lightweight, waterproof carrying case containing the twin chamber pump and four varied size cups or nozzles.

Image 1 Select the nozzle most appropriate in size to that of the wound and attach to the pump. Pull the plunger out to it’s full extent (or halfway for small children).

Image 2 Apply the nozzle directly onto the skin covering the wound. Push the plunger fully home without letting go or lifting the nozzle.

Image 3 Allow the ASPIVENIN to draw the venom from the wound for between 60 seconds and 3 minutes depending on the severity of the bite or sting.

Image 4 Lift the plunger with the end of your thumb to release the pressure and wipe the wound clean with antiseptic.

Wash the cup or nozzle with soapy water and reuse hundreds of times whenever necessary. It’s that easy.

Always follow the instructions. If symptoms persist consult a medical professional. Aspivenin is very effective against invenomization from insect stings, however in serious cases it is recommended to obtain medical attention.