ASPIVENIN had it’s origin in the mind of French inventor Andre Emerit who in turning his innovation into reality won the prestigious Lepine Concours award for his efforts.

The reponsibility for putting the concept into production fell on the shoulders of son Michel Emerit who today continues to head the company.

ASPIVENIN has undergone rigorous testing both in the laboratory by such institutions as the Pasteur Institute and the US Poisons Center, and in the field in partnerships with organisations like Pharmacists Without Borders who trialled the product extensively in the Equadorian Amazon.

Such testing included measuring ASPIVENIN’s effectiveness against Bee Stings, Scorpions, Giant Ants, Tarantula and Rattle Snakes.

ASPIVENIN has been sold throughout Europe and North America and is now available to families throughout Australasia and the South Pacific.

With over 15 million already in use around the world customers have included the French Army, Médicins sans Frontières, UNICEF, Wildlife Conservation International amongst many others.

About Us


Sollitt Trading Company Limited is a small family owned distribution company which has operated from it’s base in New Zealand for over 20 years.

The company has won numerous service awards and choosing to handle only products it’s directors believe reliable has earned the trust of over 100,000 clients in 80 countries worldwide.

Sollitt Trading Company Limited has been selected to distribute ASPIVENIN throughout the Australasia, Asia and Pacific region and you can deal with us with confidence.